Noa Deane Noa Deane

Noa Deane is the latest exciting addition to the LSD team. With his recent change of major sponsor he is now back and riding for LSD.

"Noa is a good person. A person who can change people’s perceptions about surfing for the better just by being himself, saying what he thinks, surfing how he feels. He’s the antidote to surfing with a plan, a torch to the spreadsheets that turn riding oceans into a pile of stinking numbers. He’s got the DNA of every surfing miscreant and rabble-rouser and hot-blooded purist in his veins, and the delightful ignorance of youth on his side." from

Noa's favourite board:

6'0" x 19" x 2 3/8" (28L)

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Matt Banting Matt Banting

Matt Banting is one of Australia's most polished young surfers.

"Perhaps the most consistent out of everyone, he turns full-rotation ‘oops into combos out at North Point and flicks stylish nose-pick finners sans reverse"

Quote from Surfing Magazines Factory Trip

D.O.B: 25/06/1994 
Discipline: Surfer 
Hobbies: training, footy, art, skating, girls... Lots of girls... Lots 
Favorite Trophy: ISA world title and my king of the groms crown



Matt's favourite board:

5'10" x 18 3/4" x 2 5/16" (26L)

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Tahlija Redgard Tahlija Redgard

There’s something loveable about country girls - big smiles, warm demeanor, vibrant mannerisms, infectious personalities - simple pleasures. There’s no time for snottiness, ego or preciousness.

This has never been more the case than with Queensland surfer Tahlija Redgard. Her sentences are finished with “mate”, she puts surfing and fishing on level pegging, strums a mean riff on an axe, she shows a genuine interest in the person she’s talking to and when it comes to competing she’s got an inner-mongrel that will rip you limb from limb if you sneak up the inside or get cheeky.

Tahlija’s life philosophy is one that’s both equally beautiful and simple and all it involves is waves and wet-lines.

“As long as I’m surfing and fishing I’m happy.”

Tahlija's favourite board:

5'8" x 18 7/8" x 2 5 /16" (26L)

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@ tahlija_redgard

Georgia Fish Georgia Fish

Georgia Fish, 23, was born and raised in Victoria, Australia and has been travelling the world as a professional surfer since her teens.

Georgia competes on the WQS and is knocking on the door of qualifying for the WSL. 

In between her competition schedule she scours the globe for perfect waves with some of the best photographers and filmmakers shooting for magazines and video parts.

Along with her goals in the surfing world, Georgia is always looking for the opportunity to link her love for surfing with her passion for health, conscious living and giving back to the community. 

She practises yoga and pilates, is a soon to be qualified holistic nutritionist and a keen supporter of a number of groups who aid underprivileged children throughout the world with funding, art projects, yoga and surfing.

Georgia's favourite board:

5’9” x 18 1/2“ x 2 1/4” (24.6L)

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