Shark bite at our local

17 Dec 2011

It has been the talk of the town this week, after a local was bit and chased out of the water by a White Pointer(this was found out later by the study of the bite).

Steve is ok, his board took most the impact from the bottom jaws with the top just scraping and pucturing his leg. He was taking off, just as he was getting to his feet the shark charged open mouthed knocking him for six, at first thinking it was a dolphin but soon relised after seeing his board being thrashed about what was going on. Steve got back on his board and started for shore, on his way in he yelled and signaled to mate Ashley who was still out the back wondering why Steve was heading in so early, Steve then held up his board showing the bite, Ash was on the beach in record time to meet Steve.

Obviously Steve was pretty rattled at the same time feeling lucking that he walked away from the attack. He said his next surf will be a crowded day at the point. Ashley is due to pick up his new LSD next week, hopfully he will show up.

Cal who made the board is in the factory next door to us, Steve dropped the board off for Cal and the boys to check out, kind off crazy to see and hold in your hands, it even has a fishy smell, the power of these creatures really hits home, and this was only a Juvenile!