LSD in Japan

23 Jul 2012

Luke reporting from Chiba, Japan. I am over here staying with my distributer, shaping, surfing and generally connecting with the local surfers... this also involved a weekend customer contest, best described as a big board riders comp including a massive presso night where the free beer flowed and all got pretty loose japan style.

The Chiba coastline has the best waves within reach of the many surfers that live in Tokyo, and obviously has it's locals who are generally in the surf industry or farmers, Yes it is a rural coastal township, and reasonably mellow.

I have had some fun surfs, the best was today off one of the many breakwalls/ groins set up to protect the coast from tsunami's and genral erosion.

It has been five years or more since my last visit, the local surfing talent has come along way, especially among the local junior pros throwing air reverses left right and center. I am sure there are going to be some Japan talent in the top 10 sooner than later.

Japan is always an interesting place to travel to and a bit of an eye opener. The people are very friendly once you crack them a hello and a smile... Here are some pics from the trip so far....