Banting Back on the Podium

Matt Banting wins The Great Lakes Pro WQS Event

Noa x LSD Model

Official launch.

Stab High

Noa wins Stab high in Waco, Texas

Head Noise

Is A Cinematic Surf Movie From Filmmaker Mikey Mallalieu

Vissla Pro | Shaping Bay

An event that brought together their unique Creators and Innovators concept and combined it with world-class surfing.

Banting returns to competition

Semi final placing at the great lakes pro

Tahlija at Kandui

Tahlija Redgard scoring in the Mentawai's

Da Hui Backdoor Shootout

Noa gets to surf pumping Pipe and Backdoor for the Backdoor Shootout


New edit from Noa Deane


Noa has been in Europe filming with Volcom.

Europe Custom Shaping Trip

Luke will be shaping in Europe Mid Oct

Typhoon 5

1 Session with Nobuyuki Osawa

Japan Tour 2017

Japan custom order tour

The Dock

Noa and Co's dreams/nightmares become a reality in 'The Dock'.

Droid on LSD

Andrew 'Droid' Doheny riding his GT & Chubby

In Bloom

Stab joins Noa Deane on a conceptual surf shoot.

Welcome Noa

LSD are excited to welcome Noa Deane to the team, or should we say welcome back…

Matt Banting 5th Place in France

Congratulations to Matt Banting on his result in France.

Georgia Fish

South / North. A new video from Pt Nemo.

The Limber Labourer

Surfing magazine bio piece on Matt Banting

Factory Part: Matt Banting

Matt Banting, Noa Deane, Yadin Nicol and Balaram Stack have been based in West Oz for 6 weeks on a trip organized by the crew over at Surfing Magazine.

Japan Tour 2016

LSD will be spending 10 days in February in Japan.

Smiles all round - Matt Banting on the WCT for 2016

Just got word from that our boy Matt Banting has been given an injury wildcard

Young Zac Condon

Young local Lennox Head ripper Zac Condon enjoying the moments between and during real life shark happenings

Thrills x LSD

The limited edition “Panthera” series reflects the balance between a well crafted, finely tuned speed machine and the expressionisms of surfing’s dark sub-cultures.

Heading to Europe

Luke is heading to France for a european custom shaping mission next week

Thiago wins in Spain

LSD team rider Thiago Camero takes his first WQS win in the Pantin Classic in Spain.

Thiago Camarao on fire in Cali

LSD Brazillian rider Thiago "Shrimp" blazing this summer in California

Georgia Fish

LSD ambassador Georgia Fish has been travelling the world competing on the womens world qualifing series

Double Barrel

Peru's beaches need your help, its time to save the places we love

Thiago Camarao Wins 2015 Oakley Pro Trials

Thiago Camarao Wins 2015 Oakley Pro Trials


Matt together with Josh Kerr and Laura Enever feature in the 1st episode of 'Priority'

Surfer Magazine Hottest 100

LSD Rider Matt Banting finishes a very respectful 5th place in Surfer Magazines Hottest 100

Matt’s Into It

Today was Matt's maiden heat on the World Surf Leage tour, he came out of the gates firing

Julian at home on his Chubby Chedda

The Chedda was another board I made for Julian to have fun on while he's at home for this summer


I am in the middle of a two week trip to Japan

Julian on the Tex

Julian wanted a couple of boards to have fun on at home over our summer

Matt Banting Qualifies For The WCT

With the last qualifying event kicking off at Sunset Beach Matt Banting can surf without the usual pressures

Pick Up Some Rubbish Today

LSD rider Dustin Hollick with freinds, doing more than their bit...

LSD Shaping In Europe 2014

From 14th of September Luke will be in France on a ten day shaping mission

Huge 10 days for Matt in the US Open

Our rider Matty Banting made the most of Huntington's little waves

Matt Wins 6 star event over in Mexico

Team rider Matt Banting has today taken out the Los Cabos Open in Mexico defeating fellow Ozzy Dion Atkinson in the man on man final.

Quiksilver Saquarema Prime Kicks Off

Waves were a fun 3 to 4 foot for the first day of the mens qualification Series prime event in Brazil.

Laurie Towner

Why Angourie's Laurie Towner deserves a sponsor

Dustin Hollick

This is a short film that Patagonia put together about Dustin's passion for the ocean.

Clip of the trials winner

This is a clip from the online tracks mag of Matty taking out Quiky pro the trials

Matt Banting wins quicksilver pro trials

Matty on a roll winning the trails grabbing the only available wild card spot in the main event.

Matty Wins Newcastles Surfest 6 star WQS event

A huge congratulations to our rider Matty Banting for winning the Surfest

Our boy Matty tearing up Manly

Matt's into the pro junior semi finals of the Australian Open.

Matty signs with Quiksilver for another 3 years

Not surprisingly Matt survived the team rider culling at Quik and locked in for another 3 years.